Welcome to the 7th annual Remuneration and Reward Summit 2016

Every year, Australian organisations spend approximately $600 billion on remuneration and rewards to their employees. This averages around 30% of an organisation’s operating expenses and is often an employer’s largest expense and the one most poorly managed.

Money alone does not motivate people and today’s remuneration and reward professionals need to do so much more to tailor the ‘right’ remuneration and reward packages to attract and retain the best talent and stay competitive. In this volatile financial climate, when companies have to do more with less, there really is a war for talent.

Organisations must diversify and use all elements of the rewards mix to maximise the value of their remuneration and benefits program and also to secure and keep talent engaged.

In light of these challenges, we have designed a programme to bring together the experts on rewarding employees. Join us to hear key insights on what you can do differently to stand out and drive productivity and business results.

Key topics that will be addressed:


Understanding how to use remuneration packages to drive productivity, retention and attraction


Creating an employment landscape that fosters longevity through leadership & development incentives


Assessing how to capitalise on structured EVP’s to create a core differentiator


Enriching your understanding of pay parity issues and learn how to make ethical and responsible decisions


Discovering how to overcome tightened budgets to create meaningful benefits


Hearing case studies that showcase the successes and failures of different remuneration and reward strategies

Who will you meet?


Head of Remuneration


Head of Performance and Reward


Head of Compensation and Benefit


HR Directors


Head of HR


Head of Talent

Why should you attend?


Gain knowledge on solutions to engaging and retaining staff


Hear about innovative local and global remuneration and reward strategies


Learn how to address pay parity in a way that not only meets reporting requirements, but is actually meaningful in your organisation


Network with industry peers and experts within human resources and remuneration & reward


Uncover how to surmount tightened budgets to create meaningful benefits


Hear from industry leaders as they discuss their practices, success and failures in remuneration and reward strategy

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